Sanden FAQ

Read the Sanden FAQ for help diagnosing common problems, visual references and oil/refrigerant best practice.

Do Sanden compressors contain refrigerant and/or oil?

Compressor oil is filled in the compressor automatically on the production line at the relevant Sanden factory. Make sure you check the compressor label or drawing for the type and amount of oil as different compressors can use different amounts of oil. The exceptions to this are Singapore made compressors for R404a refrigerant (SD5L and SD7L type) which are supplied without oil charge. Sanden compressors are never supplied with a refrigerant charge.

Does the compressor net weight include the compressor oil?

Yes, the compressor oil is installed in the compressor in the factory, so its weight contains the appropriate amount of oil.

Do I need to add any oil to the compressor?

Sanden supply compressors that are fully charged with the appropriate amount of oil for the system for which they were designed. In niche system applications, after OCR calculations have been conducted, you may find that it is necessary to add or subtract oil from the compressor for optimum system performance. The oil amount may need adjustment to keep the original oil amount of the AC system prescribed by the system manufacturer.

Can I mix the compressor oils?

All Sanden compressors are filled with genuine double end-capped PAG oils (SP-10, SP-15, SP-20, SP-A2). Regarding R134a, for best practice we recommend using the oil that the compressor was supplied with, however, the mixing of genuine SP-10, SP-15, SP-20 and SP-A2 oils should not cause any damage to the AC system. For R1234yf A/C systems Sanden SP-A2 oil must be used. Never mix PAG oil with POE oil. Sanden do not recommend the use of POE oils in R134a/R1234YF systems.

Which type of refrigerant can I use in Sanden compressors? Will I still have a valid warranty if I use non-certified refrigerant, e.g. hydrocarbon?

Sanden stipulates the appropriate refrigerant for the compressor on the Sanden label. Sanden forbids the use of non-certified refrigerants with Sanden products, and this will invalidate the warranty.

Can I use a R134a compressor with R1234yf?

A compressor that takes R134a refrigerant can take a mixture of SP-10 and SP-A2 oils, providing the oils are both in good condition (no particles, no humidity, no discolouration). Compressors that take only R1234yf refrigerant can only be used with SP-A2 oil. Sanden recommends for best practice that you conduct a refrigerant flush of the system and a full vacuum, replacing the receiver dryer as normal.

In which direction can I run the compressor?

Sanden standard compressors rotate in a clockwise direction only with the exception of SD5 Sanden models that can run in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction. For further information, please contact your official Sanden representative.

Why can’t I use POE oil in the compressor?

Sanden supplies high quality, double end-capped regulatory approved PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) compressor oils that are compatible with R134a and R1234yf refrigerants, on both mechanical and electrical compressors. POE oil tends to be very hydroscopic and water ingress to such oils creates acid which corrodes the internal components of the compressor, leading to system malfunction and potential compressor seizure.

The power consumption of the compressor is stipulated in the performance curve.

The power consumption of the compressor is stipulated in the performance curve.

What speed should the compressor run at?

The recommended continuous rpm and maximum rpm differ from compressor to compressor. For each compressor, these values are clearly stated on the drawing, and for OEMR compressors where no drawing can be released please contact your official Sanden representative for further support.

At what angle/direction can the compressor be mounted?

Sanden SD5 and SD7 compressors can be mounted at a maximum of 90 degrees to either the left or right of the oil plug. In most cases, Sanden PX, SDV and SDC compressors can be rotated to 90 degrees. Sanden scroll compressors cannot be rotated.

Why are the genuine OE compressors sold with a different label?

In accordance with block exemption legislation (MVBER461/2010) Sanden is required to offer genuine OEM compressors into the independent aftermarket (IAM). However, the law states that no such product can show the original label, logo or customer part number. To this end, Sanden re-labels genuine, OEM compressors with the distinct Aftermarket green hologram label.

What is the difference between a supersession and a replacement?

A supersession is where there is an engineering update/upgrade to the compressor, which does not affect fit or functionality. This could be any part of the compressor. A superseded compressor is usually interchangeable with its predecessor. A replacement is where a model has been entirely replaced with a new model, and the older model may now be obsolete. A replaced model will not be interchangeable with its predecessor.

I have been supplied a supersession compressor that takes SP-A2 oil and is compatible with R1234yf refrigerant, but I need to fit it to a vehicle which uses R134a refrigerant. What should I do?

Sanden recommends for best practice that you conduct a refrigerant flush of the system and a full vacuum, replacing the receiver dryer as normal. SP-A2 oil is compatible with R134a refrigerant, so this will make no detrimental difference to the functioning of the AC system.

Where can I purchase a Sanden compressor?

Sanden compressors are available through a select network of distributors. Contact us for more information on your nearest distributor.

Does Sanden rebuild compressors?

Sanden recommend new, original compressors when replacing a previous unit.

How do I identify the Aftermarket model number of the compressor?

Sanden Aftermarket provides the model number on the on the upper right hand corner of the label. In the majority of cases, please disregard the suffix characters displayed with the model number. However, please be aware that for R404a models there is a two character suffix on the label that is necessary for re-ordering.

What does Sanden do to protect against counterfeit?

Sanden Aftermarket compressors feature a QR code and hologram that is installed in the relevant factory. If you feel that you have been sold a counterfeit Sanden compressor, please contact Sanden directly.

Why have I been told not to double stack my bulk compressor shipment?

Sanden strongly advises not to double stack bulk compressor shipments, as the boxes and palettes have not been designed to withstand the weight of multiple compressors and double stacking is extremely likely to result in damaged goods.

My delivery has arrived damaged – what should I do?

Please contact your Sanden representative immediately. If you are a Sanden customer and have access to the Sanden Client area, please log in to the Client Area to check who your Sanden representative is.

How can I use the serial number to check compressor production location/date authenticity?

Please access the contact form, where you can send the relevant information to your Sanden representative.